The Chatter that Matters - Your Words ARE Your Power and Your Chatter that Matters: Journal of Gratitude
The Chatter that Matters . . .
A small book with a powerful impact with the accompanying Journal of Gratitude.
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Dale Carnegie, the famous motivational speaker whose work has constructively changed the lives of many thousands of people, is often quoted as saying, “You are what you think about," and with that phrase, he awakened us to realize the amount of control over our life experience that we give entirely to what we think.  But knowing that our minds are often out of control, only poses the question, “How do we begin to manage what we think?”
The Chatter That Matters reveals the power of the endless Mind Chatter that consumes us all, and offers us tools to use to pick and choose our trains of thought constructively.  You will find this book to be an easy-to-use guide that will help you to: reclaim control of your thoughts by getting rid of the negative mind chatter, improve the chatter you share with others and structure the all-important protective chatter  - all components that make up the chatter that really matters
This is a book that you will want to use over and over.  As you peel away the layers of mental habit that have not been serving you, like peeling the onion layer by layer, you will continue to rid yourself of the negative chatter you've been creating and embrace the habit of creating only empowering chatter.
      Your Chatter Matters: Journal of Gratitude
           A journal with 200 pages to write your daily gratitudes.

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What others are saying:

Margaret Martin is a visionary whose practical wisdom and open heart can make a profound impact on our lives. In her new book, "The Chatter That Matters" she empowers us by reminding us of our inner power through the use of our thoughts and words. Margaret is a gift to anyone that is interested in knowing themselves more fully and looking to reach their potential. I highly recommend Margaret's straight-forward, yet gentle up-lifting style for long-lasting results.
Thank you Margaret for the friendship, support and unconditional love you have shown me through the years.
Peggy Rometo
Intuitive Expert and Hay House author of, "The Little Book of Big Promises"

"The Chatter that Matters" is a how-to book for reclaiming control of your life. Margaret Martin offers both rules and tools for keeping your thoughts focused on only the things in your life that matter most, for the express purpose of creating more of them."
Lauren McLaughlin, author of “Go to ELF”

“In her book, The Chatter That Matters, Margaret takes us on an important journey – between our ears, out of our mouths, and deep within our hearts. By realizing we have “chatter” in our thoughts, our words, our actions and our values, we can positively control an outcome. She shows us that intentional awareness connected to intentional response can truly make a positive difference for ourselves, our families and our world.”
Jolene Brown, CSP
Professional Speaker, Family Business Consultant and Author of “Sometimes You Need More Than a 2x4! How-to-tips to successfully grow a family business.”

I love thought-provoking activities that bring about beneficial transformation. Mind Chatter provides just that. It´s filled with an abundance of thought-enhancing activities all specifically designed to bring its readers to a much higher level of awareness and a much deeper level of choice. The author brings deliberate Light upon thoughts that deplete life and shows how to neutralize them effectively. The depth of planning and experience the author provides for the reader is comprehensive yet concise. The additional actions and directions offered to readers are also inspiring! The author´s personal stories helped me relate firmly to my own challenges so much so that I believe other readers may find them equally as helpful. There are many suggested applications toward family, friends and business situations that add new dimension to activities one can engage in to expand one´s transforming influences. All together, Mind Chatter does indeed take the reader toward very beneficial transformation. It´s a great guidebook that you will want to reread regularly to help maintain the perfecting edge.
Dr. John S. Nagy, D. Min
Professional Coach and Author of: Provoking Success