The chatter that matters

          . . . Your Words ARE Your Power

Words Have a Powerful Effect on Every Area of Life

You have the power to choose your thoughts, each thought is an investment. Use the information / tips / techniques in this powerful presentation to learn to choose good thoughts so that you invest well.

Words are our primary means of communication -- they impact our lives constantly.  What does  your chatter (words) say about you?

The words you use each day, and the words others use around you, affect your decisions and outcomes for the choices you make.  Words have a powerful impact in determining where you currently are in your life and what you will do. 

The program will clarify the following:

Mind Chatter  -  Self-talk
·    Take control over it and use it effectively to empower you
·    How to change negative thoughts into positive, productive thoughts
Other Chatter   - Words with Others / Communication
·    Reveal the impact of your spoken word
·    Learn how to raise difficult subjects in a more positive manner
Protection Chatter  - Setting Boundaries with the Negativity of Others
·    Learn how to handle the words of others
·    Learn the steps to setting boundaries

This presentation will be valuable to anyone with a desire to improve his or her communication skills set and provide the confidence to send the right message.

We are guided each day by the words we choose to use. Attendees will be inspired to take the information provided here and make positive changes in their lives. 

 Remember, Your Chatter Matters . . .

***Meeting Planner Note:  This presentation can be scheduled for a Keynote as well as a half-day program.

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