One of the most powerful exercises you will ever experience!

It has changed the lives of participants - saved businesses and families.

In many businesses, educational and other settings (families included), there is rarely an opportunity for feelings to be expressed and heard.  When this happens, feelings build up to a point that business and relationships suffer and creates the potential for emotional upheaval. This is truly what The chatter that matters embodies, getting clear on your communication with yourself and others!

Part of the problem is people can’t listen until they have been heard. They need to get what is bothering them off their chests.

The Roundtable Communication Process is a very structured interactive process in which eight agreements are strictly adhered in order to:

The Roundtable Communication Process is especially useful when there is conflict between two or more individuals, groups or departments and in families.


·    opportunity for feelings to be expressed and heard
·    increase the capacity to focus on the business at hand
·    decrease the emotional static in the workplace
·    increase true communication – executive meetings, planning, job sites, etc.
·    increased production
·    decrease stress in all areas of the workplace (in office, job sites, as well as with vendors)

More benefits:

·    enhances listening skills
·    improved conflict resolution skills
·    development of mutual respect and understanding
·    greater sense of connection and unity

This very simple, yet powerful exercise has saved businesses from collapse, families from relationship disaster as well as offered the opportunity for groups to express their feelings during stressful, frustrating and grieving situations. 

Utilizing this process at the beginning of meetings allows everyone to get “stuff” off their chest which will allow them to be present and focus on the meeting at hand.

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