Thank you so much for presenting your “Chatter Matters” program to the Clearwater Free Clinic Staff.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and came away asking themselves lots of important and insightful questions.  I call that a great success.  With the hectic pace we keep at the Clinic, your presentation is just what the doctor ordered.  Your contribution to the Clearwater Free Clinic was greatly appreciated. 
Jeannie Shapiro, CEO, Clearwater Free Clinic

“I loved your attitude and how you present your materials.  I enjoyed your lecture and appreciate your ideas, I will certainly be able to add them in my daily life.” 
Dental Assistant, Oregon

“I am amazed at the clarity with which I look at my life after our coaching sessions.  I am focused and more productive.  I have found that coaching doesn’t cost—it pays!  Thank you for helping me uncover and use the abilities and resources that have always been at my finger tips.”
Financial Planner, Clearwater

“Most significant during this session was to learn the entire office is greatly affected by how each of us communicates with each other as well as with the patients.”
Dentist, Marietta

“A reinforcement of things that I already knew, but had not figured out how to put into practice.  Excellent grasp of material. Very friendly delivery.”
Business owner, Charlotte

“I really enjoyed your class.  It helped me to re-evaluate my life and realize that I’m not too far away from my goals.”
Dental Assistant, Oregon

“The best part of the DiSC training was learning how to get along with other behavior styles, and being respectful of the differences.”
Office Manager, Marietta

“Great Results, Personable, High Integrity     -    Margaret is an insightful coach. She is open and direct, in a diplomatic and kind way. She has helped me uncover some of my blocks to success, and I very much appreciate it.” 
Jennifer Wall Smith

“Margaret is one of those dedicated coaches and friendly, but matter-of-fact people that you can depend on to bounce off ideas, conflicts, concerns and get back potential solutions, ideas and examples that may help you make a decision. You can tell that she truly cares and is very helpful as a resource to many. I’d recommend Margaret as a coach, a colleague and a trusted friend.” 
Carolyn Quintin, Quintin & Associates

“Margaret serves as an excellent sounding board and cheerleader as I move forward in my professional and personal life. She provides sound advice that is grounded in both logic and expertise. She continues to provide sanity in an often insane world and does it all with great humility, love, and respect. She provides a wealth of knowledge and strength that is hard to find. I highly recommend Margaret to anyone who is looking to make significant life changes or in need of guidance in their professional life or personal life.” 
Adam Bost, Stage Manager, Busch Gardens Tampa

“I would highly recommend Margaret Martin as an exceptional coach and consultant. If you are in search for "the right person to assist you" in organizing yourself, improving your work environment, correct a difficult situation (whether personal or work related); then contact Margaret for that professional assistance. If you are in the capacity to make or direct your company's mission for more successful results; then contact Margaret for that beneficial improvement.” 
Scott Daniels, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

 “Margaret's skill as a development and management coach is outstanding. Her experience and insight is worthy of a call and interview if you are looking for an asset on your team.” 
Dr. John "Coach" Nagy, Lead Business and Life Coach, Coaching for Success, Inc.