Truly successful people don’t trade personal satisfaction for professional achievement.  They know high performance depends on learning how to balance the stress and rewards of both.  Companies and organizations that understand this very important connection between work and personal life will attract and keep these highly productive employees.  Those companies and organizations that don’t will be at a competitive disadvantage. 

The Process is:    SIMPLE - 

While stress is a fact of life, this program helps people understand that it is how they respond to stress that makes it a positive, negative, or neutral force in their lives.  Addressing stress in a holistic manner makes it much more likely that overall health and emotional well-being will be improved.  In this presentation, you will explore the nature of all types of stress and how you are affected by and respond to these stresses.

Learn how to:

  1. Discover your individual stress issues in all areas of your life
  2. Minimize or eliminate common daily stressors
  3. Develop flexibility in responding to change
  4. Distinguish the relationship between stress, coping resources, and overall life satisfaction
  5. Apply simple and easy techniques to your daily life to relieve stress

Attend a seminar that can show you how to handle the demands of a busy life.

Training programs offered here are tailored to fit the needs and desires of each organization.  We take great care to deliver content aligned with your group.

Margaret is highly experienced in facilitating many seminars, workshops and training programs providing exceptional and fun learning experience.

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Here is what some have said about their experience:

“I loved your attitude and how you present your materials.  I enjoyed your lecture and appreciate your ideas, I will certainly be able to add them in my daily life.” 
Dental Assistant, Oregon

“I really enjoyed your class.  It helped me to re-evaluate my life and realize that I’m not too far away from my goals.”
Dental Assistant, Oregon

“Margaret is one of those dedicated coaches and friendly, but matter-of-fact people that you can depend on to bounce off ideas, conflicts, concerns and get back potential solutions, ideas and examples that may help you make a decision. You can tell that she truly cares and is very helpful as a resource to many. I’d recommend Margaret as a coach, a colleague and a trusted friend.” 
Carolyn Quintin, Quintin & Associates

“I absolutely loved her, she is a fantastic mentor and person.  Great facilitator! Very happy and pleased with Margaret’s skills and I took lessons valuable enough to last a lifetime.”
MBA student, University of Tampa

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